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We are a proud part of Excalibur Academies Trust (EAT)

Our governors sit on an Academy Committee (AC), whose purpose is to support and advise the Principal and Excalibur Academies Trust’s Board of Trustees in delivering effective welfare, behaviour and extra-curricular provision. In every aspect of its work, ACs look through the lens of the child, asking: “What is it like to attend this school?”, whilst being mindful to avoid adding to the Principal’s workload. 

ACs help shape a school’s vision, build links with local community, provide specialist volunteer skills/knowledge and give vital input to statutory processes (for example complaints, exclusions and recruitment). 

The responsibility of monitoring and improving educational outcomes lies with the Trust’s professional Academy Improvement Team.  


To fulfil these functions, the Academy Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Culture, vision and ethos
  • Personal development and staff and pupil welfare
  • Behaviour and Attendance
  • Extra-Curricular provision
  • Safeguarding
  • Engagement and promotion within local community
  • Staffing, behaviour and complaints panels
  • Senior management recruitment/performance management

Governor Roles

The Academy Committee must appoint Governors to the following roles: Health & Safety Governor, Safeguarding Governor & SEND Governor. Depending on the school’s size, additional roles should also be assigned; examples include Education Performance Governor, Pupil Premium & Inclusion Governor and Finance Governor.

Safeguarding & Training

Excalibur maintains a strong safeguarding culture and ethos, with all Governors applying for an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, in addition to undertaking mandatory safeguarding and cyber-security training. It is the responsibility of the nominated Safeguarding Governor to ensure this is adhered to and the Trust monitors compliance. Supplementary training to support Governors in their role is also available.

All Governors and Trustees must agree to be bound by the Excalibur Academies Trust Code of Conduct, with annual compulsory recommitment and declaration of business interests.

More information

Further information about the Excalibur’s Academy Committees can be found by visiting: or contacting the Trust’s Head of Governance Cathryn Poole:



Our Local Academy Committee sits in the following governance structure of Excalibur Academies Trust: